Water Pump Control Cabinet

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Power: 0.75-630KW
Potentiometer, Lifting keys, 4 ~ 20mA
Soft Start, Soft Stop
0 ~ 100% Stepless Speed Regulation
Starting and Stopping time:1 ~ 3600s

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Shenlong water pump automatic control cabinet series is the most novel automatic control device for water supply and drainage in China. It is the most innovative automatic control device for water supply and drainage in China. After years of experience in water pump production and application control, it has been repeatedly demonstrated by experts, optimized circuit and elaborately designed.

Shenlong control cabinet is widely used in industrial and agricultural production, municipal engineering, high-rise building water supply and drainage, fire, spray, booster pump automatic control and air conditioning cold and hot water circulation pump control and other occasions.

Main technical indicators:

1, the motor power: 0.75 ~ 630KW;

2, speed range: 0 ~ 100% stepless speed regulation;

3, speed signal: potentiometer, lifting keys, 4 ~ 20mA;

4, speed control mode: manual, automatic, program settings;

5, torque characteristics: constant torque, square torque;

6, starting and stopping mode: soft start, soft stop;

7, starting and stopping time: 1 ~ 3600 seconds;

8, protection features: short circuit, overload, phase failure, overvoltage, undervoltage, upper and lower speed control;

9, display characteristics: digital display motor current, speed, frequency, and can pass;

10, the output characteristics: the motor current, speed (frequency) and the form of 4 ~ 20Ma output;

11, regulating characteristics: PID continuous adjustment. With the transmitter can achieve constant pressure constant flow constant temperature regulation;

12, other features: positive and negative control, braking and dual motor protection, with four synchronous speed.

Technical Parameters

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