Non-Clogging Sewage Pump

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Flow: 7-140m3/h
Lift: 7-40m
Power: 1.1-7.5kw
Temperate: <40°C

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Non-clogging sewage pump Product overview

WQ series non-clogging submersible sewage pump is developed by our engineers on the basis of the introduction of foreign advanced technology and the suggestions from pump specialists in China. It is successfully developed after many times of improvement. The test results of every performance index all catch up with advanced international standards. Features: notable energy saving effect, simple and special structure, etc. It has won warm welcome and favorable comments from customers with its special design and reliable quality when put on market. Many enterprises or public constructions use it to replace imported pumps.
According to different customers’ demands and service conditions, we have reasonably designed other sewage pumps that are based on the WQ series. They are WY series non-clog submerged sewage pumps, GW series non-clog pipeline sewage pumps and WL series vertical sewage pumps. Their hydraulic mode is same as that of WQ series. It has won warm welcome and favorable comments from customers with its special design and reliable quality when put on market.

Non-clogging sewage pump Product feature

WQ-B series is make up of three parts: pump, sealing and motor. At the top of the pump is the introduction for single phase or three-phase asynchronous motor. The water pump is at bottom. It has flow impeller and spiral case structure. Use the mechanical sealing to connect pump and motor. The sealing face of every valve uses oil resistant rubber sealing ring as static seal, ensuring the reliability of the pump.

The rotor spindle of pump is made up of stainless steel to ensure reliable mechanical strength. This can also make the shaft wear better, resist corrosion better, easy to maintain and disassemble.

This series of pumps are mainly used in industry, agriculture, mine, building construction, municipal environmental protection and other places. It can pumps liquids that contains short fiber, scraps of paper, silt and other kind of solid particles, such as muddy water, ash water, domestic waste water, sewage, fecaluria and so on. It is an ideal water equipment for agricultural irrigation, cleaning the slit of pool and site operation. But it is not appropriate for situations requiring explosion proof.

Some types in this series use channel impeller, improving their anti-blocking performance; some types is designed with total head, so that the pump can keep non-overload operation under normal condition, prolonging the service life of the pump.

The cutting series of pumps take advantage of introduced international advanced technology. It is specially designed with cut principle. It can cut or tear long fibers, plastic bag, paper bag, etc., so that the water can flow smoothly in the passageway of the pump.

Non-clogging sewage pump Service conditions

The the medium being pumped shall be slurry at normal temperature (below 40℃), PH value between 4 and 10. The volume ratio of solid phase in the medium being pumped shall be lower than 2%.
The lift of submersible pump shall not be too low. If the actual lift is below 80% of the stipulated lift, the thermal protector may start to work. And the pump will stop working. Even the motor may be damaged.

Technical Parameters


Model Flow (m³/h) Lift (m) Power (kw) Diameter (mm)
WQB7-15-1.1 7 15 1.1 0
WQB10-15-1.5 10 15 1.5 0
WQB15-7-1.1 15 7 1.1 0
WQB25-7-1.5 25 7 1.5 0
WQB10-22-2.2 10 22 2.2 0
WQB25-10-2.2 25 10 2.2 0
WQB35-7-2.2 35 7 2.2 0
WQB50-6-2.2 50 6 2.2 0
WQB15-25-3 15 25 3 0
WQB25-20-3 25 20 3 0
WQB50-10-3 50 10 3 0
WQB60-9-3 60 9 3 0
WQB15-32-4 15 32 4 0
WQB25-25-4 25 25 4 0
WQB50-13-4 50 13 4 0
WQB60-10-4 60 10 4 0
WQB18-40-5.5 18 40 5.5 0
WQB30-30-5.5 30 30 5.5 0
WQB65-15-5.5 65 15 5.5 0
WQB40-22-5.5 40 22 5.5 0
WQB45-22-7.5 45 22 7.5 0
WQB100-10-7.5 100 10 7.5 0
WQB140-7-7.5 140 7 7.5 0

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