Cutting Sewage Pump

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Flow: 10-100 m3/h
Lift: 17-30m
Caliber: 1φ32-φ203mm
Power: 11.5-7.5kw
Temperate: -15-40℃

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WQD cutting sewage pump overview

WQK series cutting sewage pump is make up of three parts: water pump, sealing box and motor. At the top of the pump is the motor. Use cement alloys mechanical sealing to connect pump and motor. The sealing face of every fixed valve uses “O” shaped oil resistant rubber sealing ring as static seal.
Motor whose power is 4kw or below has thermal protection device inside to protect the motor by cutting off the power in cases of pump phase loss, overload, over temperature, etc.

The structure of impeller is half open with single channel. The pump cover is grooved. When the impeller rotates at high speed, it can cut the sundries into pieces and send them out.This function works throughout the whole lift.

The gap between pump cover and impeller can be adjusted. When the pump impeller cover is worn out enough to influence the hydraulic performance of the pump, you can adjust the position of the pump cover to increase lift greatly.

The advantage of this series of pump is the strong passing ability and good cutting performance. It can be applied to construction site, mine, factories and municipal environmental protection etc., to deliver sewage water that contains long fiber, plastic bags, cloth straps, rope, leaves. It also works well with clear water irrigation and drainage.

WQD cutting sewage pump working condition

1. Temperature of the transport medium should not be more than 40°C. Transported medium’s PH value should be between 4~10.The highest density of transfer medium shall be less than 1.3×103kg/m³.
2. The power source is 380V three phase, frequency 50Hz, voltage fluctuation range 0.9-1.1 times of the rated value.
3. The pump shall not be placed deeper than 5 meters under water.
4. Pumps whose power is 5.5KW or above shall be equipped with proper motor protector.

Technical Parameters


Model Flow (m³/h) Lift (m) Power (kw) Diameter (mm)
50QWD10-10 10 10 1.1 0
50QWD20-7 20 7 1.1 0
50QWD20-15 20 15 1.5 0
50QWD25-10 25 10 1.5 0
50QWD15-25 15 25 2.2 0
50QWD18-30 18 30 3 0
65QWD25-7 25 7 1.5 0
65QWD25-15 25 15 2.2 0
65QWD37-13 37 13 3 0
65QWD25-30 25 30 4 0
80QWD40-7 40 7 2.2 0
80QWD43-13 43 13 3 0
80QWD50-10 50 10 3 0
80QWD40-15 40 15 4 0
80QWD65-15 65 15 5.5 0
80QWD65-25 65 25 7.5 0
100QWD100-15 100 15 7.5 0
100QWD80-20 80 20 7.5 0

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